We take pride in providing our young students with state-of-the-art education through activity-based learning



If your ward is 5 years old, they are eligible for the Senior KG programme. Our curriculum has been designed to enable a smooth transition to class 1, no matter where you enrol your child. We have a fun and interactive world of four letter words, short sentences, cursive writing and social skills waiting to be explored. This is the age of large numbers, simple addition, subtraction and multiplication

Sensory & Perceptual Development

Is able to distinguish the genders; good and bad.

Stacks blocks, group items by category, or size and places objects in the proper place.

Holds the scissors properly and can exert the right pressure.

Understands the concepts of heavy/light; smells; hard and soft; in and out; basic shapes; family.

They are able match and name the shapes with the related 3D shapes of everyday objects.

Forms words and sentences in the correct formation.

They now seem to be more organised in work/play space (not always losing things).

They are now able to coordinate their hand properly while brushing their teeth/combing hair.

They show eagerness to learn new skills and accomplish tasks.

Understand the concept of direction-left or right.

Physical & Motor Development
Actively participates in physical education
Has an overall better balance in everything they do, including walking, running and everything that they do.
They are now confident at climbing, sliding, swinging and dancing and get a lot of enjoyment out of being active.
Is able to throw and catch a ball, bend forward, climb up and down; tries to balance.
They are able to make geometric patterns like: Squares, circles, triangles etc.
Can ride a bicycle.
Can enjoy aerobics.
Personal, Social & Emotional Development
Helps around the house with very simple tasks.
Gradually, becoming more independent.
Tries to find simple ways to solve arguments and disagreements while playing.
Shows (may be by not name) a variety of emotions beyond happy, mad or sad.
Shows sense of humour; exhibits self-control; shares toy with others; learns to wait patiently in the queue.
Very conscious about own dress and personal cleanliness.
Is aware about good touch and bad touch.
Shows good habits and good manners.
Spiritual & Moral Development
Is able to understand and feel sorry, doing something wrong; Shows love and care towards youngers.
Listens attentively to the moral stories, mythological stories.
Is very honest and speaks the truth even if a mistake has been committed; shows reverence and respect; Understands not to touch others belongingness.
Understand what wrong/right to do is.
Participates in all festivals, events, says prayer and shows respect to God
Cognitive Development
Is able to imitate familiar or recent experiences in play (e.g. teddy goes to the doctor) with the actions being repetitive.
Is able to understand the purpose of numbers for counting objects, correct sequence of an activity, and concept of counting.
Tries independently remember parts of a story; familiar colours; identifies the missing numbers; points out above/below; loud/soft.
Is able to recite the rhymes with actions.
Is able to use “why?” and “how?” questions.
Is able to say sight words; words from different word families.
Can independently solve puzzles, numbers.
Understand the value of money; time; various positions of an object.
Language Development
They are able to write simple words without help; is curious to learn new words and sentences.
Asks ‘wh’ questions, like ‘why’, to be able to get more information about things.
Tries to express in five or six sentences while looking at the picture reading pages done.
Tries to express about own self in complete sentences.
Makes up own stories a, seeing the pictures.
Demonstrates oral expression.
Can communicate properly about needs and requirements in sentences
Creative Development
Likes to draw and colour and does it within the outline.
Is able to sing perfectly to the tune of their favourite song.
Shows interest in making the take aways/ crafts.
Is able to dance in co-ordination.
Shows a preference for favourite colours and styles of art ( e.g. child chooses orange marker or paint at nearly every artistic opportunity.)
Readily participates in decorations.
Love to listen to stories and make stories of their own.